Explore Lighting Equipment Options

Before you start building a moble light kit or riging, you need to know the basics about DJ Lighting equipment. Selecting the right lighting equipment can make the difference between creating an environment that gets people moving on the dance floor and one that is boring, stagnant or even worse DULL!


Stage Lighting
Stage Lights are arguably the most important part of any light show because they set the overall tone of a dance floor. The most common type of stage lights are parabolic lights (par cans). Par Cans come in 1/8-inch increments. So, a size 16 par can will accommodate a 2-inch light. To start out, two stands with ten par 36, twelve Par 16, eight Par 46, six Par 56 or Par 64 cans will have you covered. Mount par cans on aT-Stand two stands on either end of the dance floor, to achieve even lighting coverage. Then start adding lighting effects.


TRUEcolor Gel
After you set up your Par Lights, you need to "GEL" them. You don't want to shine "naked" white light on your dance floor. Choose colors in the rainbow spectrum of light and color those cans! The right colors chosen can be as important as the lights themselves to regulate the mood of the event.

Choose wisely. TRUEcolor Gel media comes in over 900 colors to match, enhance or high light any decor.

  • DJ party colors: 343 Special Medium Lavender, 328 Follies Pink, 325 Mallard Green, 323 Jade, 181 Congo Blue, 116 Medium Blue-Green, 068 Sky Blue, 048 Rose Purple, 026 Bright Red, 024 Scarlet, 020 Medium Amber.

  • DJMore ... DJ party colors: 797 Deep Purple, 781 Terry Red, 744 Dirty White, 735 Velvet Green, 328 Follies Pink, 197 Alice Blue, 180 Dark Lavender, 141 Bright Blue, 113 Magenta, 105 Orange, 089 Moss Green, 027 Medium R

  • Inspired Church colors: 195 Zenith Blue, 143 Pale Navy Blue, 058 Lavender, 009 Pale Amber Gold, 764 Sun Color Straw, 735 Velvet Green, 106 Primary Red.

  • Rock Concert colors: 181 Congo Blue, 158 Deep Orange, 128 Bright Pink, 116 Medium Blue-Green, 341 Plum, 327 Forest Green, 132 Medium Blue, 048 Rose Purple.

  • VIVID colors: 101 Yellow, 106 Primary Red, 139 Primary Green, 119 Dark Blue, 158 Deep Orange, 128 Bright Pink, 104 Deep Amber, 111 Dark Pink, 116 Medium Blue Green, 197 Alice Blue, 147 Apricot, 148 Bright Rose.

  • Cool/Warm colors: 103 Straw, 110 Middle Rose, 205 Half C.T. Orange, 192 Flesh Pink, 134 Golden Amber, 162 Bastard Amber, 122 Fern Green, 115 Peacock Blue, 245 Half Plus Green, 202 Half C.T. Blue, 117 Steel Blue, 136 Pale Lavender.

  • Rainbow colors: 129 Heavy Frost, 216 White Diffusion, 253 Light Frost, 201 Full C.T. Blue, 204 Full C.T. Orange, 209 .3ND, 101 Yellow, 106 Primary Red, 139 Primary Green, 181 Congo Blue, 136 Pale Lavender, 162 Bastard Amber.

  • Diffusion: 129 Heavy Frost, 216 White Diffusion, 220 White Frost, 410 Opal Frost, 215 Half Tough Spun, 255 Hollywood Frost, 216 White Diffusion, 250 1/2 White Diffusion, 251 1/4 White Diffusion, 252 1/8 White Diffusion, 253 Light Frost, 228 Brush Silk.

  • Tungsten / DayLight Conversion: 201 Full C.T. Blue, 202 Half C.T. Blue, 203 Quarter C.T. Blue, 218 Eighth C.T. Blue, 217 Blue Diffusion, 221 Blue Frost, 204 Full C.T. Orange, 205 Half C.T. Orange, 206 Quarter C.T. Orange, 223 Eighth C.T. Orange, 207 Full C.T.O + .3ND, 208 Full C.T.O + .6ND.


LED and Wireless LED Wash Lights are the latest nuances to the Lighting Effects industry.  LED are ment for color saturation.  

LED are not ment for illumination.  You need to use Par fixtures to light the stage and LED to color wash the stage.  

If this is not done all video and Photography will be dark!

Even though the monetary outlay is greater than traditional lights, the possibilities of LED lights with a DMX control system are limitless. The LED light can not replace the Par can for brightness.  But, the LED effect brings a high tech edge to any light rig, that will impress.


Moon Flowers
Moon Flowers bounce and refract light, creating an exciting, magical environment. The classic Disco Ball or Mirror Ball is one of the most popular types of moonflower, since it can turn one beam of light into many very cost-effectively. A static motion moonflower has a mirror built into the front of the light to bounce and control the beam from a static location.


Beamers project solid beams of light across the dance floor, adding depth and texture to the mood set by fill lights. “Intelligent” beamers will move in time with the music or to some other preset pattern. Beamers are best used in conjunction with stage lights since the intensity of beamers will fade the farther they get from the source.


Strobe Lights
Strobe lights flash intermittently to provide a slow-motion or freeze-frame effect that can add to the drama of your dance floor.


Use Lasers for precision lighting. “Intelligent” lasers can write on walls or create other static designs. Combine lasers with fog to provide highly defined, monochromatic beams of light.


Fog Machines
Fog machines enhance the light that emanates out of any Special Effect lighting equipment you have. Foggers add a seductive aire of mystery to any venue. An element of the surprise, as well as an ambiance and tone to any light show.


Set Up a Lighting System

The mood you create will depend largely on the way you combine lighting equipment. It takes practice, but there are some lighting fundamentals that can get you headed in the right direction.

Stage Lights will create an even mood across the floor and provide a good base for other lighting effects like those created by center piece and or mirror ball.. The color of your Par cans will help create different ambiances. Blue stage lights emulate moonlight and set a calm tone; cast a green light on some fog and you have something out of a horror movie; or fill the room with red or orange light to charge the atmosphere with energy.

From there you can start adding lights to personalize your setup. Mirror Balls are a great way to make the dance floor or the DJ booth stand out. Beamers can create a surreal and enveloping landscape, while Strobes, Fog and a center piece can highlight the different notes or rhythms of a song.


Get the Right Lighting Accessories

Lighting Equipment encompasses more than just lights. You will need cables, controllers, dimmers, and maybe even a fog machine to really get your rig perfect.


Lighting equipment controllers

  • Basic lighting controllers: Controllers combine the main ON/OFF switches for your lighting equipment so you can manage all your lighting equipment from a single console and reduce the number of loose cables on your rig. The number of channels your controller has will determine how many lights you can control.

  • Advanced lighting controllers: More advanced lighting controllers include built-in dimmers and light pattern programs; sound activations, which allow the audio to control the lights; and blackout kill switches that turn everything off at once.

  • DMX lighting controllers: DMX systems allow you to program how your lighting equipment (lights, dimmers, fog machines, and more) will work together to create a mood. Because you can create lighting programs, DMX controllers give you the greatest flexibility and maximum amount of power to control your lighting equipment. Note that all of your gear must be DMX compatible.


Lighting Stands
Lighting Stands elevate your lights and support your lighting equipment. Investing in quality Lighting stands will make it easier for you to grow your rig as you add more lighting equipment.


Lighting Cables
Lighting Cables connect your lights to your controller and provide power. Make sure the lighting cables are rated for the wattage of your lights.


Lighting Dimmers
Dimmer packs allow you to control the brightness of your lights. Connect dimmers to your controller for greater manageability of your lighting equipment.